Luis Alberto Moreno

Luis Alberto Moreno assumed the presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in October 2005. As President of the Bank, Moreno also chairs the Board of Executive Directors of the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) and the Donors’ Committee of the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF).

Among the principal achievements under President Moreno’s leadership of the IDB is the Ninth General Capital Increase in 2010, which represented an expansion of financing and technical assistance to the region, and allowed for a historical financial program to Haiti of more than US$2 billion. This higher level of contribution to Latin American and the Caribbean economies was accompanied by an improved framework for the monitoring and evaluation of development effectiveness, the establishment of the first Environmental Safeguards Unit in a multilateral development bank, and the implementation of an operational policy for gender equality.

During his tenure, the IDB has undergone a profound transformation of its organization, a significant generational change, and a record increase of women in leadership positions at the institution, along with a reinforcement of its transparency and accountability systems.

The changes promoted by Moreno have also strengthened the multi-sectoral work of the Bank through the launching of platforms, programs, and cross-cutting thematic initiatives of global recognition, including the initiatives of Sustainable Energy and Climate Change, of Emerging and Sustainable Cities, the Opportunities for the Majority and ConnectAmericas. He has also led the organization of more than 30 international summits, including the CEO Summits of the Americas in 2012 and 2015.

His concern for the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean was evidenced by his leadership in the process of debt relief for five vulnerable countries in the region.

The recent approval of the consolidation of the windows of the IDB Group’s non-sovereign guaranteed financial activities materialized his vision of the role that a multilateral institution must comply in promoting inclusive and sustainable development through the private sector.

Before joining the Bank, Moreno served as Colombia’s Ambassador to the United States for seven years. Diplomatic relations between Washington, D.C. and Bogotá strengthened notably during his tenure, leading to substantial bilateral assistance programs that supported a major transformation in security and economic development in Colombia.
His major achievements, among others, include his work in the design and approval of the Plan Colombia, an ambitious program for the fight against drugs and for the social and economic revival of the country, the renewal and extension of tariff preferences of the ATPA (Andean Trade Preference Act,) and his performance as one of the main drivers of the negotiations for the Treaty on free trade between Colombia and the United States. Additionally, during his time, several treaties were signed, such as the agreement for the alternative development program, and the agreement for customs cooperation with the United States for the fight against smuggling and the strengthening of trade. He had a key role in coordinating with the Agency for the promotion of exports and investments in Colombia, Proexport, the promotion of commercial exchange and international tourism.

In his country, Moreno had a distinguished career in the public and private sectors. He served as Minister of Economic Development, from which he prompted a prominent agenda to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Moreno was President of the Instituto de Fomento Industrial, and manager of social investment policies, including the housing strategy for low-income families. In the private sector, he advised major Colombian companies and foreign investors, and was executive producer of a leading television news program.
Moreno has received numerous distinctions awarded by governments and private entities, including Colombia’s highest honor, the Grand Cross of the Order of Boyacá, the Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic (Spain), The Order of Jaguar (Guatemala), the Award “Eagle of the Americas” of the Associations of Latin American Chambers of Commerce, the Gold Medal of the Societies of the Americas, the Honorary Distinction Juscelino Kubistechek (Brazil), the Order of Jose Cecilio del Valle of the Grand Cross of Gold Plate (Honduras), Bravo Business Award for Outstanding Service, the Clinton Global Citizen Award for Leadership in Public Service, and the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service.

Moreno holds a degree in Business Administration and Economics from Florida Atlantic University in 1975 and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in 1977. For his achievements in the field of journalism, in 1990 Harvard University awarded him a Neiman Fellowship to pursue specialized studies and research at that institution. Moreno also holds the honorary degrees of Humaniorum Litterarum Doctorem, and Doctorem in Letters from Georgetown University and Baruch College, respectively, and a Honoris Causa in Business Administration from Icesi University.

Moreno writes regularly in recognized international and regional media, and participates in various public and private forums, some of which belong to the system of international and intraregional coordination and cooperation.

Moreno was reelected on September 14, 2015 for a third term as President of the IDB. He is married to Maria Gabriela Sigala.