Kazuhiko Koga, a board member and director of OPTiM, was born in Saga Prefecture in 1970. Since joining OPTiM in 2013, he has been leading the R&D team. Some of his groundbreaking software products include the AI-based “Diagnosis tool optimizing known/unknown devices” (adopted by NTT East and NTT West), and “Optimal Biz,” which has the #1 share in the Japanese Mobile Device Management market. He has also been in charge of intellectual property strategy alongside Shunji Sugaya, founder/CEO of OPTiM. As a result of their work, OPTiM was recognized to be third in the Japanese “Comprehensive Patent Rankings for Electronic Device Management (IoT field).” Currently, he has been mainly focused on new business development, and is responsible for the three-party agreement among Saga University, Saga Prefectural Government, and OPTiM for IT Agriculture.