Akio Hosono

Akio Hosono is Senior Research Adviser of JICA Research Institute. He holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Tokyo. After graduation he served in a variety of posts such as Vice-President at Tsukuba University in Tsukuba Science City, Japanese Ambassador to El Salvador, and Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in Tokyo, Professor at the Research Institute of Economics and Business Administration at Kobe University to name a few. He became a senior advisor at Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2007, joined JICA Research Institute (JICA-RI) as a senior research fellow in 2010. He served as Director of JICA-RI from 2011 to 2013 and currently serves as a Senior Research Adviser. Major Publications: Hosono, Iizuka and Katz (eds.), Chile’s Salmon Industry: Policy Challenges in Managing Public Goods. [Springer 2016] “Catalyzing Transformation for Inclusive Growth” (in Kato, Page and Shimomura (eds.), Japan’s Development Assistance: Foreign Aid and the Post-2015 Agenda [Palgrave and Macmillan 2016]); Hosono, Magno and Hongo (eds.), Development for Sustainable Agriculture: The Brazilian Cerrado [Palgrave and Macmillan 2016]; “Industrial Strategies and Economic Transformation: Lessons from Five Outstanding Cases” (in Noman and Stiglitz (eds.), Industrial Policy and Economic Transformation in Africa, [Columbia University Press 2015]); “Transforming Economies for Jobs and Inclusive Growth: Strategies for Sub-Saharan Countries” (in Chandy, Kato and Kharas (eds.), The Last Mile: In Ending Extreme Poverty [Brookings Press 2015]); Chandy, Hosono, Kharas, and Linn (eds.), Getting to Scale: How to Bring Development Solutions to Millions of Poor People [Brookings Press 2013]) ; “Meeting the Demand of the Poor: Two Cases of Business-Led Scaling Up at the Base of the Pyramid”; “Scaling Up South-South Cooperation through Triangular Cooperation: Japanese Experience” (both in Chandy et al. [2013]); “Inside the Black Box of Capacity Development” (in Kharas, Makino and Jung (eds.), Catalyzing Development: A New Vision for Aid, [Brookings Press 2011]); Saavedra, Hosono and Stallings (eds.), Regional Integration and Economic Development, [Palgrave 2003]; Hosono, and Saavedra (eds.), Development Strategies in East Asia and Latin America, [Macmillan Press 1998];